Ready, Steady, Go: 5 Sure-Five Ways To Boost Your Salon Business

The sun is beginning to shine, and it’s time to make hay. The festive season is the best time to make big bucks. However, it’s also a time to gain loyal clientele by outshining your competitors.

Have you ever analyzed what makes a consumer choose your salon over the one next-door? Yes, you got it right – offers, deals, and discounts. So it goes without saying that the first step to boost your business is to launch tempting offers.

Hair & Beauty News has already established the fact that social media is the best way to promote heavy discounts and offers that just cannot be missed. But let’s get it right – to promote these offers, you need to nail the offers that attract new and lapsed customers while retaining current ones. Here’s how:


Analyze the festival: Think about the services that are in demand during a particular festival. For instance, most women want to look good and groove to the beats during Navratri. So you can introduce some exciting hair and makeup deals.

 Slash the prices: Customers tend to get tempted by attractive discounts and are more likely to avail services offered on low prices during the festive season. Keep an eye out on what’s being offered by other salons and make sure to design offers that encourage your customers to drop by for an experience.

 This and that: Every customer is different and so are their requirements. While one customer may be looking to flaunt a new look, the other might be looking for a treatment to calm the tense nerves. You see, one size doesn’t fit all – so create different offers to address everyone’s demands.

Happy hours: Happy hours aren’t just restricted to bars and pubs. They’re gaining popularity in the beauty business, too. In fact, they’re the best time to make a quick buck during off-peak hours. Ready to drive traffic?

Prepping for the future: You not only want your customers to avail of the offer but also visit again and again. It’s a good idea to design packages that will give credit points for future use or complimentary offers services that can be availed in the future.
With the steady implementation of the above-mentioned tips, your salon is sure to reap good returns and most importantly be in business. So, what are you waiting for?

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