Care For A Healthy Haircut?

Looks Salon in collaboration with Jaquar launched a new revolutionary scissor, TCC – The CareCut during a recent event at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, Frederik Dultgen, International Sales Director at Jaguar Professional, unveils the secret to strong and well-groomed hair with TCC – The CareCut.

 What is the USP of TCC – The CareCut?

Each strand of hair has a natural keratin present in it. As soon as you cut the tip of the hair, your hair loses the keratin due to unsealed ends. Generally, women complain about dry-ends, which eventually turn into split-ends. The USP of the new TCC is that it seals the ends with its heated blades; thereby retaining the hair’s keratin content and allowing it to grow in a healthy manner.

At what temperatures can we operate the TCC scissor?

The temperature of The Carecut can be monitored on the basis of thickness. There are three adjustments present in the scissor – one is 100ºC, which is suitable for thin hair, then we have 120ºC, which works well for medium hair, and 140ºC for thick hair. The hairdresser, based on his experience, needs to understand the right volume of hair and accordingly set the temperature.

How will TCC bring about a change in the working of the Indian salons?

Salons can offer TCC as a special service. The haircut done with TCC doesn’t take much time, but the cost is higher compared to a normal scissor. With TCC, they can take their services a notch higher because when you are using TCC, all the care substances present in the hair are locked in tightly; thereby giving a luscious look to the tresses.

What type of salons is TCC looking at?

TCC has been designed for salons whose ulterior motive is to focus on the quality of the haircuts. It is also for the salons who want to set themselves apart in terms of quality from the rest.

How will TCC foray into the Indian market?

Women in India love long and luscious hair. However, the humid weather becomes the bearer of dry and split ends. TCC protects the hair from environmental aggressors as well as split-ends. One can thereby increase the time period between their haircuts. You will feel the benefit of TCC after the first cut as the ends are slightly harder due to keratin. After three cuts with TCC, the hair grows stronger, thicker and voluminous.

Does a hairdresser need to undergo any training?

We did develop a training program. However, it is not mandatory. The usage of TCC is just like a normal scissor. However, if a hairdresser is using it for the first time, it may take a while to get used to it. Once the hairdresser is comfortable with it, he/she can do all types of hairdressing techniques like slicing, feathering and more.

What goes into the maintenance of TCC?

In Germany, we clean the normal scissor with a wet towel and then dry it. If you do the same with TCC it’s perfectly fine. We also have a small brush made with a heat protecting element to clean the scissor.

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