Change The Game with Tick Tock

  1. WHAT IS TICK TOK: Tick Tock is a brand new & revolutionary nail Extension technique that promises to saves 75% of your time and give you much more value than usual traditional acrylic and gel nail extension systems.
  1. MAKE IT FAST WITH TICK-TOCK: As compared to traditional acrylic and gel nail extension systems, the Tick Tock nail extension technique reduces your service time from 1.5 hours to just 25 minutes.
  1. DO MORE WITH LOT LESS: No Glue, no UV lamp, no Acrylic Tips, no qualified Nail Technician REQUIRED!
  2. TURN ON THE GLOSS WITH TICK-TOCK: The reason salons prefer Gel-based extensions are for its high gloss Tick Tock gives you that same high-shine due to its premium tips.
  1. STRONGER THAN COMPETITION: It does not use the traditional tip fixing methodology. A Tick tock tip is used as an acrylic mold to create a nail enhancement structure. This ensures
  2. NO LOVE LOST ON REMOVALS: Tick Tock removals can be done by soak-off method unlike Gel
  3. TICK TOCK MEANS BUSINESS: Tick Tock Nail Extensions comes with reusable tips so that you save on recurring costs of buying new

Contact: Dinesh Bathija,

PAN INDIA – Marketing Head, Nail Lounge Bhamla House, New Kant Wadi (off Perry Cross Road), Next to China Blue Hotel, Bandra (west), Mumbai 400050, 9920110252,

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