Consultation Series – How To Decide Upon The Right Facial

Right consultation is the key to good results. In our special series on consultation, this week we train our eyes on facials.

 A facial is a much-loved service for customers. It is popular for a number of reasons – there’s a facial to fit every pocket, it instantly relaxes and rejuvenates you, it’s like a mini-spa, it doesn’t involve cutting your hair length (just kidding!). However, this most reliable of services can backfire, if you don’t get the consultation right.

Here’s a checklist that you can bank on for your skin consultations:

Listen to your client: Seat her in a comfortable chair and get her to relax. Hear out all her skin concerns. Ask her relevant questions about home care, her monthly cycle and other issues she might have such as dandruff. Also, understand what kind of lifestyle she has – whether she is a homemaker or is out in the sun for long hours or keep late nights. Make notes as she is talking. It is best to have software for client details as it will help you chart her progress. Try to understand what she thinks is her problem and what is the required solution. For instance, she might think she can see aging lines and wants an anti-aging treatment, whereas actually her skin might just be dehydrated and calls for a hydrating facial.

Give your expert opinion: The reason why she has come to you is that she regards you as an expert. So, don’t jump to conclusions and go ahead with whatever she is suggesting. Analyze her concerns and suggest proper remedies. In case she has multiple problems, you might give her a signature treatment that combines it all. Invest in a skin analyzing machine or if you want to keep it simple, you can have a device to check the moisture levels of the skin such as the one offered by Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals.


Discuss the treatment: Don’t accept the client’s suggestion at face value and don’t force your opinion on her either. With a bit of discussion, you can explain to her how a hydrating treatment is better than an anti-aging one combined with good home care. However, if she insists on anti-aging, make sure that you are giving her something to boost the moisture level of her skin. If money is an issue with the client, you should be ready to offer her more affordable options.



Home care: You can clarify upon the home care regime during the consultation as at that time the client is more receptive.

Say ‘no’: Learn to say no whenever required. If the client is suffering from chronic acne, tell her up front on the kind of treatments that you won’t do for her. If you go ahead on her insistence, in spite of your better judgment, you might end up bearing the brunt of her blame if her skin reacts negatively. Also whatever her skin condition, don’t over-promise and under-deliver.


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