Four Ways To Become An Eco-Friendly Salon

As beauty professionals, your aim is to make your clients look and feel beautiful. However, with the rising environmental concerns, it’s a good idea to embrace sustainability with an eco-friendly salon.

Green is the new black. It’s in, it’s hot it’s now, and it’s universal. Unlike the ever-changing fashion trends, the emerging eco-friendly consciousness won’t be just another short-lived fad; especially when India is one of the 170 countries that has pledged to significantly reduce single-use plastics by 2030.

According to research done by PlastIndia Foundation, the alarming figures indicate that 16.5 million tonnes of plastic in 2017-18 were consumed by Indians alone.

With its countless hair colour bottles and tubes and cosmetic products, the beauty industry has always had a hefty eco-print, with 120.8 billion units of packaging manufactured in recent years. What’s even more saddening is the fact that 40 percent of the packaging was made from rigid plastic.

And although we can go on about the ways in which we have already damaged the environment, seeking solutions at this point in time seems more crucial. Here are a few ways to preserve the beauty of nature.

Go paperless
The technological boom has been a boon. Gone are those days when a client calls you for an appointment and you look around for a pen to note down the details. Since we all belong to the digital-savvy generation now, let’s cut down the clutter and replace paper receipts with digital bills, paper cups with ceramic mugs and printed promotions with social media posters.

Turn off the lights
We are blessed with abundant natural light throughout the year, and the best part is, it’s free of charge. Include lots of windows and position mirrors in a way that they bounce the light off in your salon design. Switch to LED lights. Even though they’re expensive, they use 75 percent less energy, and last 25 times longer. Remind your staff to turn off the lights and the AC when there are no clients around.





Every drop counts
Consider yourself lucky your tap flows 24*7. There is a large section of people that has to travel miles in search of water every single day. A person can survive a month without food, but only 5-7 days without water. Salons are the main culprits when it comes to water wastage. Keep water use in check by washing towels and wraps only when a washing machine is fully loaded. Seal all the leaks and have all the pipes and faucets checked regularly. Invest in water-efficient products at your hair wash stations.

Planet or plastic
Time and again, we come across campaigns highlighting the harm that plastic has inflicted on our beautiful planet. Let’s rise up to change and take an oath to minimize the use of plastics as much as we can. Buy products that can offer refills.

Ready to make your green dream come true? Let’s get started right away and make this world a better place to live in for our future generations.


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