Guide for Freelance Makeup Artist To Deal With Coronavirus

Guide for Freelance Makeup Artist To Deal With Coronavirus

With the wedding season rolling in, every bride and groom have pre-planned and booked their makeup artist well in advance. You being a makeup artist might have a lot of orders to deal with. So, why let coronavirus get in your way? Follow these precautions thoroughly and thrive in your business.


Sanitize and Wear a Mask

We cannot stress enough over this but sanitizing your hands is a complete must! Your job entails using hands, so sanitizing them is quite essential. You can opt for a hand sanitizer or just wash them with soap. The next important thing that will keep you and your client away from the germs is the mask. Wear masks throughout as you will be in close contact with your client’s face. Coming to the brushes and sponge, make sure you wash them thoroughly with a soap-based cleanser before using it on your client. Preferably, make use of disposable brushes and sponges to be on the safer side. If your client has their own set of brushes, well there’s nothing better than that.


Wear Gloves

Even though you have sanitized your hands, wearing gloves would be even more beneficial! This makes sure of your hands not coming in contact with your client’s face directly. Thereby preventing any germs to trespass or come in contact with you.


Brushes & Sponges Only

Don’t even think of blending the foundation on your client’s face with your fingers, or any product for that matter. Brushes and sponges are made to serve the purpose. Use them and showcase your artistry!


Mixing Plate to the Rescue

Instead of dipping the brushes directly into the product like eyeshadow or foundation, remove the required amount on the mixing plate. Sanitize it, along with the spatula which you would be using. You need to take this point into consideration especially for liquid-based products. Trust us, do it for powder-based products as well, you will thank us later.


Wet Wipes

Alcohol-based wet wipes could be of great use now. To sanitize the tip of your lipsticks or even eyeliner, wet wipes are the deal-breaker. You can prep your client’s skin by cleaning it with a wet wipe. You can also use them to sanitize your hands. All you need to look for is the alcohol-based wet wipes.



Even though you might have taken up the makeup gig but having a consultation with your client is very important. This will help you know whether your client’s health is up-to-date and there’s no health risk involved. Your work is definitely important but health tops it all!


Take all the precautions and make sure you are taking good care of your own health. COVID-19 has hit every nook and corner of the world. With each day passing by, the number of people infected by the coronavirus in India is adding up. The highest number of cases in India are found in Maharashtra. The government is trying its best to bring the situation under control by implying stricter rules. While most of the professions have the way out by working from home, it’s not the case for a makeup artist. So, taking these precautions is very important for your health. Stay safe and healthy!

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