Hair Accessories, Unclipped!

The party season has dawned upon us and in the virtue of giving your hairstyles the upbeat look, hair accessories are taking turns. Purnima Vasaikar decodes the stylish aspect of these trending hair accessories who have made a mark on the block!

Hairstyles have always played a huge role in making women look like a dream on any occasion. Adding more to this, hair accessories have turned the tables and shifted the spotlight on themselves. Hair accessories are a great way to add some saveur to your hairstyle. Long gone are the days when hair accessories were only for kids. It’s time for you to add that bling to your chic hairdos’

Shining Hair clips

The go-getter of this season is the minimalistic hair clips. Adding these bejeweled pieces to any hairstyles promises a whole nother oomph to a basic hairdo. In fact, pairing up varied hair accessories is one of the most buzzing trends of 2019. Coming to the party season, a slicked back hair with hair clips as an accent serve the perfect chic look.

Start by straightening out your hair and to keep the hair looking sleek, add on some hairspray. Opting for a middle parting would make the look even sharper. Complete this look by clipping on some shining pieces. A perfect ‘do for date nights and special events, this accessory goes well with the ensemble you have laid out for the occasion. You can even wear the clips in geometric forms to raise your style notches edgier!

Sparkling Barrette

If you are the one who wants to lay low and don’t want to opt for creative hairstyles, barrette are your best friends. You can go from straight out of bed look to party-ready in seconds. Adding a big bold barrette to your basic low bun will help you tie your look together.


Startup by twisting your hair in a low bun, make sure you backcomb your crown to give the added volume. Tie your bun with a rubber band and clip on the sparling barrette of your choice. Curl out some flicks and voila, you are ready to set the stage on fire!

Voluminous Hair clips

One of the hairstyles that have been loved and adored through the years is the fishtails. Right from weddings, cocktails to even parties, this hairstyle has been a staple for many. Keeping up with this classic hairdo is the perfect embellishment of vintage hair clips. These hair clips not only adds a new twist to your long luscious hair but at the same time makes it even more astonishing.

Start by braiding your hair in a fishtail. Once you are happy with braid give each knot a pull. This helps in adding volume to the entire braid. Fix the hairstyle with some setting spray as there will be a lot of dancing at the party. Complete your look with big studded hair clips placed at the center of each of the levels of the braid.


Another accessory that has been taking the trending spot are the headbands. Amongst all, the silver and golden headbands have made their mark. This minimalistic jewelry makes your look even more put together and makes you feel like a queen. Pair your basic straight or wavy hairstyle with a headband and see the magic.

Start by wearing a headband of your choice on top of your hair, then you take a piece of hair from the front and twist it around the headband. Do the same on the other side. Then take a new section of your hair from the front and do the same again. Continue to do so, until you are happy with the result. If you feel like the headband is slipping, add a few bobby pins to keep it in place.

Be it minimalistic or bold, with these stunning pieces at hand, you are definitely going to rock the party season in style.


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