How Salons Should Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak?

How Salons Should Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak

Instead of panicking and getting worked up, learn ways to deal with the outbreak in an effective manner.

COVID-19 has infiltrated India and has caused one death already. With 114 positive cases detected, as we speak, taking precautions is the need of the hour. A sector that has been hit hard is the salon industry or perhaps the nail salon to be very specific. In the wake of people stocking up on hand sanitizers and dodging away from shaking hands and being away from social gatherings, going to a salon and getting treatments done is quite a far-fetched thought for your client. Amidst the challenges that the virus might throw at your business, you as a salon owner need to be well-versed with your gears. Here are some key changes that your salon should upgrade within the time of Coronavirus.


Masking is the way to go!

Wearing a mask while performing any kind of service is a must! For instance, if a salon employee is giving a facial to the client, the proximity between both of them tends to be is quite close. This means the germs or the bacteria might easily transfer from one another. In such situations, your masks come to the rescue. Also, it is highly recommended to keep a decent amount of distance between two individuals.


Hygiene – the utmost priority

Keeping hand sanitizers on every vanity station and at your reception is the need of the hour! Urge your clients to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer as and when they enter your salon. Making sure that your staff preaches a hygienic life is the most important part. Ask them to wash their hands after they deal with each and every client. As work from home isn’t the viable option for your business, leaving your employees off the hook would be beneficial for your business. If your employee is showing flu-related symptoms, now is the time to give them paid leaves. This is an effective way of not losing out on skilled employees and at the same time looking out for their health.


Sterilize each ounce

At a nail salon bar, the nail technician should sterilize the tools once the service is done. Making use of disposable tools would be quite beneficial for your clients. Another thing you should do is disinfect your entire salon. Right from your front desk to the doorknobs and door handles — be sure to clean both sides so clients enter and exit touching a clean surface.  Also, refrain from shaking hands with your clients or perhaps even giving them a hug. No matter how friendly your client is, now is not the right them for social hugs. On that note, be safe and be sanitized at all times!

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