How To Give Premium Facial On Budget

Create premium facial experiences for your clients with these simple steps.

Facials are quite often the ‘bread and butter’ of salons. With time and experience, salon owners are able to garner a client following for their particular type of facials. But even after your facials have become popular, how do you sustain the client’s interest? And, most importantly, how do you attract new clients? Reinventing your facial routine is a good way of doing this. You don’t have to invest in uber luxurious products to have premium facial services. All you need is some smart planning that will notch up your services from regular to premium segment.

A facial service is not merely about technical expertise and effective products. It is about offering a wholesome experience. No doubt the client who walks in for facial has skin issues but she is also looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s where a holistic approach helps. Follow these simple steps to make your existing service a premium facial service.


Personal attention       

As soon as the client walks in, give her complete attention. Assign a place in the salon to conduct consultations. Offer her refreshments.



Thorough consultation

The client knows what skin issues she has but she may not understand the cause and solutions for it. That’s why your expert advice is important. Instead of simply going ahead with what the client is suggesting, give her options and explain how each treatment works, and what would work best for her.


Decor details

The ambiance of your salon and your treatment room plays a pivotal role in making your facial service a premium one. Add mood lighting, aesthetically appealing decor pieces such as sculptures and paintings, etc. The colour palette of the room should be pleasing to the eyes and mind. You can even consider adding a false ceiling as that’s one element that the client will be staring at for the longest time during the treatment.

Music for the soul

Have mellow soothing music in the background. All you need is a BlueTooth speaker and a good music collection on your phone. You can even ask the client to choose her music, which will add that touch of pampering.



Scented experience

Make sure that the room is fresh and fragrant. Aroma oil dispensers or room fresheners should be added. Similarly, you can choose your product line based on the aromas to give a premium feel to the treatments.



Going the extra mile

Although your services are focussed on the face, you can train your staff to take care of the overall comfort of the client. A hot swipe on the feet with a wet towel, pressing of pressure points on the palms or a light head massage will add that extra touch of TLC, which is bound to be appreciated by the client.




Offer green or herbal tea to the client after the treatment. Allow her as much time as you can to enjoy the after-effects of the facial and dress up at her own pace.



Multiple payment getaways

Ease of payment is another factor that will ensure your client is happy with the services.





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