Indian Skin For The Win!

Purnima Vasaikar brings a delightful conversation with the skin expert who is known for her unconventional work, Avni Amlani.   

Avni Amlani, one of the renowned skin experts on the block has brought a whole new skincare experience to the Indian market. Being personally involved in creating the formulations, Avni has created La Cremiere treatments for Indian skin concerns. Let’s have a look at what the expert has got in store for us!

 What inspired you to get into the beauty space?

My inspiration came first when I visited India which was more than 33 years ago. At that time we didn’t have salons as such. It was just about going to a parlour and getting a facial or treatment done. What really fascinated me was how these parlours mixed the ingredients and used them. It was India who inspired me to get into this field.

What do you think is the difference between Indian beauty Industry compared to the UK beauty business?

The UK beauty industry is very regulated. We have a strict boundary that stipulates the working environment. Here in India, I think we are working towards it but we haven’t boxed it out yet. One thing that I have seen is that therapists in India have basic knowledge and yet they treat the clients. Some of them work with a dermatologist or in a skin clinic or even in beauty salons but all they have is floor training. They can do the treatments but if I ask them why I had an issue on my skin, they won’t be able to give the answer. For me, that is kind of unethical because I as a client would pay for someone to treat me that has the experience, expertise of knowledge. So this is the biggest difference I have found in this industry and the fact here people value your degree more than the skills or the knowledge you persist.

You have always kept education at the forefront, so where do you think India is on the education pedestal?  

It’s been 13 years that I have been in India, and with my experience I can totally see and rather feel the difference. Back in 2007, education definitely wasn’t on the forefront because there were many challenges. People wanted to learn the art of doing the treatments in a day. It was more of just understanding how to apply the product instead of knowing what goes into the product or what kind of product is suitable for which skin-type. But now there has been a huge transformation. All thanks to Dermalogica which was the first brand in India that had a strong emphasis on education. I had been associated with the brand for a brief amount of time. We would impulse with our product to any business unless we receive our education first. We stuck to our principles which helped and that’s  why the brand has become extremely successful.

Coming to La Cremiere how is the response from the salon?

I am really pleased with the positive feedback we have received from the salons. This holds a special place for me because I have been working on the formulation personally, which has come to India. For me, this is my new baby after Dermalogica. Keeping in mind what the therapist is looking for, and the needs of the clients, we have made sure that the formulation is made specifically catered to the Indian skin.

How do you plan to educate the salon employees on using the product and what goes into the product?

Moving away from hardcore education, I have simplified the process. When it comes to skin 80% of Indian salons do not go through hardcore education. So, we thought of taking the basic route and enlightening them by putting the process on the packaging itself.  We have had our team visit the salons and show them demonstrations as practical knowledge counts! We are just building on to give them five separate treatments. Each treatment revives the client’s skin with hydration and makes it look healthy. The healthy looking skin is accompanied by an enriching glow which is further backed by La Cramerie’s treatments. So, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a treatment meant for oily acne skin or for ageing skin we have made sure that the skin is feeling really hydrated, in every treatment. The beauty of it is 99% natural product range. So we are achieving this with natural ingredients as compared to other brands that are a mixer of nature and chemical.


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