Innovation Meets Beauty!

Mapping out the evolution of the professional salon equipment market, technology has played its trump card. Purnima Vasaikar gives us a glimpse of some startling innovations made in recent years. 

As the years are passing by, the salon industry is witnessing a boost in its market size be it at a global or on a national level. The shift in people’s lifestyles and having enough disposable income are one of the many drivers of this ever-growing industry.

Making the industry ride high, are the millennials who have made the look good, feel-good factor an important threshold of their life. Along with the facet of being well-groomed, millennials are also on the lookout for tools that care for their skin, hair or even nails. They want to get optimum benefits in the shortest time. All of which has enabled the beauty players to bring newer innovations to the picture and have driven the market even further. Many professional equipment brands have forayed in the Indian market and have bought in some ergonomic designs clubbed with innovative technology. Let’s have a look at some of them which have penetrated the market to the fullest!

Messiah for your hair mane!

Leaving every hairstylist on their toes, Dyson Airwrap made its mark in the industry. By bringing new technology to the Indian market, Dyson found its place and in months became every salon’s favorite. Talking about the startling product, the intelligent heat control that does not go beyond 150-degree celsius. It attracts and wraps hair using only air, hence there’s no damage caused to your hair. The different attachments are engineered to create voluminous curls, loose curls, and even waves. Coming to the soft and firm smoothing brush it is engineered to align and smoothen out the frizzy hair. For a volumizing effect the round volumizing brush, get the job done in minutes. The best attachment of all pre-styling dryer takes hair from wet to damp, to prep for styling.


 Snipping it in style!

Who wouldn’t want to get a keratin treatment done for their hair, right? It makes your hair smooth, manageable and makes it look put. But the price to get it done is definitely quite heavy on the pocket. Cutting down the hassle into half, Jaguar’s The care cut scissor has proved to be a boon in many ways. With every cut, the scissor seals the ends of the hair and the natural moisturizing and care substances in the hair are maintained. It is also suitable for colored or chemically treated hair. The TCC eliminates the primary problem associated with long hair, the hair is no longer able to dry out. The sealing process permanently prevents the thinning towards the ends, thereby reducing breakage. Ergonomically balanced, these unique hairdressing scissors promote a completely relaxed stance when working.

Detangled by the strand

Detangling the long luscious hair in minutes, minus the pulling and tugging seem quite impossible. But not anymore, with Tangle Teezer you can give your client a very blissful experience. This blow-drying hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is the innovative hairbrush that takes hair from wet to dry. With ground-breaking teeth technology, the blow-styling smoothing tool with a half paddle has fixed base teeth with built-in tension and slight flexibility at the tips. Delivering flow tension, the teeth allow the hair to snake through for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry without pulling or stretch-drying. The hair is left voluminous and shiny with reduced frizz.


 Cordless grooming

Andis as a brand has been a name, synonymously used for styling. Bringing newer innovation to every product has been the brand’s forte. Providing every stylist with a new tool to work with, Andis forayed their cordless clipper which undoubtedly changed the game. Built-in with true 7200 SPM (strokes per minute), this trimmer cuts through any kind of hair. With its constant speed technology, this powerful clipper doesn’t drag or stall through the hair and gives a very quick haircut. Besides, it comes with dual magnet clipper combs which is a first in the industry. Designed for heavy-duty, all-around cutting and tapering, the trimmer runs cool and quiet.

Commenting on the Indian professional grooming tools industry, Head of Business Development at Andis said, “We are catching up but there’s still a long road to travel. Internationally, the market has shifted to cordless tools whereas in India we are still stuck with the corded clippers. No doubt cordless clippers are more expensive than the other, but then you don’t have to face any hassle while cutting the hair. Also, cordless clippers are much lighter in weight while having the same power as corded tools. We need to upgrade the market to the usage of more cordless tools.”



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