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Building a successful franchise business model is quite challenging. Guiding us through it, Kapil Sharma shares his valuable dimes by showing us the horizons of success.

 Kapil Sharma, the founder, and creative director at Kapil’s Salon & Academy is the leader and trendsetter of the Indian salon industry. He is known for his innovative business model and has been the name on the tip of every hairdresser’s tongue. Diving into his journey, Purnima Vasaikar brings a conversation with the man himself.

 What sparked your interest in becoming a hairdresser and a renowned salon owner?

It all started when I used to get modeling offers. I witnessed how fast the makeup artist or the hairstylist can transform a person into an absolutely different one. At the same time, I realized the potential of this industry. Initially, I just wanted to have a good salon that had a gym, spa, and salon. When I started practicing as a hairdresser, it soaked me in, that I naturally stopped doing other things. This profession gave me an opportunity to live a life that I had thought about long ago.



What is your business mantra?    

It’s very simple, at Kapils salon we want to make luxury accessible. It means that we are providing good technical creative services in a very healthy, warm and hygienic environment.

What is the strategy to target tier 2 and tier 3 cities?

The aspiration in tier two and tier three cities are more as compared to metro cities. People who are living in those cities, look forward to metro cities and especially the Bollywood industry as their aspiration. The lack of a number of salons delivering efficient work in tier two and tier three cities opens up the market for us.

How do you keep up with your competing salon chains?

The only way forward is to excel. The truth is that 75% of the salons are not organized. We are working harder in order to make it organized. Talking about competitors, you need to work on bettering yourself every day. Rather than thinking about other brands, you should focus on your own service deliveries, core values, and strength.

How do you manage to be an educator, hairdresser and an entrepreneur?

I have got a lot of physical energy and enthusiasm and it needs to be channelized in certain ways. I really don’t believe in segmenting life. For me, my work, business, and craft is the most important part of my life and I bring life to whatever I do and not the other way round.

What is the road ahead for the Indian salon industry in terms of education?

As far as the Indian salon industry is concerned, education is going to be ‘The Thing’. We may appear like a salon brand. However, we are an education brand. Education is the core of us. There is a huge gap between the quality and quantity expected from the industry.

How do you select your in-salon product partner?

Quality, safety concerns, and results are the prime criteria for selecting product partners. We see the whole credibility of supply and logistics towards our diversified geographic existence of salons. We also see educational support as well in terms of product SOP training. Post which, the other things like commercials, discounts and other tangible or intangible support you can offer towards the brand.

 What are the factors that you take into consideration while opening up a franchise?

We look at the franchise partner and at his or her purpose to be into this business. Being fresher or experienced doesn’t make any difference, but the attitude and energy you bring to the table are important. Adding to this, your own sustainability towards the finances, your own temperament, being able to serve the team and make them grow. Not to forget, right location, right carpet area, right positioning in that particular geography, right pricing, an assortment of product and service delivery, visibility becomes the part of overall decision making.

What is the road ahead for Kapils Salon & academy?

As I mentioned earlier, we want to be one of the most loved and most used salons, we would like to be a busy salon with maximum footfalls. It seems very exciting, developing, challenging and optimizing time.

Any tips for upcoming salon owners?

Business is a good thing but you need to commit yourself to this profession. It requires a lot of involvement, passion, strategies, and persistence. You might quickly achieve success or you can take years to get there, all you need to do is stay focused and involved.


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