Mono-dose For The Skin?

Absolute Beauty Concepts Pvt. Ltd. leads the way by launching a skincare brand, La Cremerie SkinCAPZ in India.

 By providing a whole new experience to the Indian salon professionals to work with, Absolute Beauty Concepts Pvt. Ltd has launched a new skincare brand, La Cremerie SkinCAPZ. Under the guidance of Avni Amlani, the products of Cremerie SkinCAPZ are formulated with customized formulations catering to the needs of the professional skincare in India.


 Into the brand:

La Cremerie, from Rieti in Italy, is a scientifically advanced skincare range designed to address all skin conditions. The La Cremerie SkinCAPZ mono-dose system brings a revolutionary approach to the professional skincare industry in India. This mono-dose system consists of a capsule filled with formulations that are freeze-dried in a powder form. This is done to maintain the highest efficacy of the ingredients when delivering results with multi-tasking benefits.

La Cremerie Professional SkinCAPZ Range
The SkinCAPZ professional range is formulated to address all skin types and conditions, whilst optimizing skin health and radiance. There are five types of facial kits each containing multi-tasking products of three capsules (Cleanser/Exfoliant, Gentle Exfoliant, Serum/Mask) and two sachets (Massage Butter & Finishing Cream).


24K Gold Facial

This facial leaves you with a filler effect along with visible brightening benefits. Micronized pure 24 Karat gold combined with natural active ingredients and 12% pure hyaluronic acid works to reduce the signs of aging.



Brightening Facial

A unique combination of 19% pure brightening actives work to treat and balance the skin tone, Mana extracts pigmentation or dark spots. This beauty treatment gives clearer, smoother, brighter and more radiant skin.



Anti-aging Facial

Super-Concentrated formula with 28% synergistic anti-aging actives gives an immediate revitalizing power boost. This is an ultimate solution for mature and aging skin leaving skin firmer, smoother and revitalized.



 Moisturizing and Calming Facial

With the strength of 16% moisturizing natural actives, this facial helps repair sensitive and dehydrated skin. It nourishes the epidermis deep-down and leaves the skin feeling revived, soft, soothed and plumped up.



Peel off Moisturizing Brightening Face Mask

This mask provides the benefits of brightening, firming, hydrating and moisturizing. Enriched with amino acids, it prevents excess melanin production. A unique synergy of natural active ingredients works deeply in the skin and gives an anti-age filler effect.


Purifying Facial

Enriched with 28% strong purifying actives, this works best for oily and acne-prone skin. It removes the skin impurities, tightens pores and refines skin texture. It leaves the skin looking and feeling, brighter, clearer and hydrated.

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