Monthly Staff Training: A Remunerative Idea

    Education might be your ticket to excellence as a salon owner. It is something that will keep your staff loyal and your clients happy.

 “I have already hired a trained staff. Why should I train them again?” If you often find yourself thinking these thoughts, you might want to read on and know more.

No doubt your skilled staff is highly trained. You hired them for this very reason but beauty is an ever-evolving concept. Neither they nor you can afford to rest on your laurels. If the success of your salon is on your mind, you need to maximize the capabilities of your staff by giving them more training.

Honestly, it is not a difficult thing to do. In spite of being trained, when they join you, you need to train them as per the ethics and culture of your salon. There are a set of soft skills that they need to acquire as per the kind of clientele you get. For instance, if your clients are predominantly housewives, your front office will need to accommodate their appointments during the day as opposed to evening hours more suitable for working professionals. Now, this is a skill that comes with training!

Technical know-how is of utmost importance. You have to be aware of which brands and products your staff was used to working with as opposed to what they need to use in your salon. Today brands are quite happy to provide product training as part of their post-sales service. You can leverage on this and keep your staff engaged.

Regular or monthly training can be cited as an incentive for them. It can be in-built in your HR brief. Potential staff should look at it as a bonus for working with you.

For monthly training, you don’t really need to invest too much. You can liaise with an industry expert who can come to your salon to train your hairdressers, skin experts, nail technicians, and makeup artists. This training can be conducted on the weekly off days so that you don’t lose out on business. The training can be intensive and focussed on micro subjects like doing de-tanning facials, hair spas, french pedicure, etc. This will limit the time of the session to 2-3 hours and the staff still gets to enjoy their holiday.

Alternatively, you can engage your senior staff to conduct this training for the juniors or recruits. You can prepare a yearly schedule so that the entire staff is updated about it and looks forward to these sessions. And while you do all this, make sure you are providing them with refreshments. That little bit of ‘feel-good factor’ will go a long way in keeping them loyal to you.


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