Pastel Hair 101

Bored of your regular black old locks? Purnima Vasaikar dishes out dreamy pastel hues for your next hair colour inspiration.

Pastels have been on the trending spot for a while now. They aren’t just a part of our aesthetic feed anymore. Now, they are getting to our heads and in the most fashionable way ever! Taking notes from this colourful trend we have lined up some whimsical pastel colours for you. So, switch your inspiration mood board on and get ready to be mesmerized!

 Luscious Lavender

Lavender hue being soft, mesmerizing yet ridiculously pretty scores to be one of the most enchanting colours of all! Be it a cool or warm skin tone, lavender shade is upon each and everyone’s alley. It surely makes anyone look like a mermaid. It is best suited for those with light brown or hazel eyes, as it flatters brown hues and gives an added depth of colour. It is the perfect hue that draws attention to your eyes, as the white of the eye contrasts with the purple.

Pro Styling Tip: This shade of hair looks even more flattering on lobs or even on soft waves.

Millennial Pink

Drawing inspiration from the trendiest colour, millennial pink is making its way in the hair section. You would have seen this colour painted all over your Instagram feed. It’s quite undeniable that this aesthetically pleasing hue has won every millennial’s heart! Blessed are the tan to dark skins, as any shade of this colour looks spectacular on them. Girls will fairer complexion, opting for bright or pastel shades will save your hair dye game! If you don’t have light hair already, accomplishing this look tends to be a bit of a commitment as you’ll have to bleach your locks to make the subtle pink show up.

Pro Styling Tip: Add an edgy touch to this feminine hue by styling your hair into space buns.

Frosty Blue

Another shade that needs to be on your inspiration mood board would be pastel blue. It’s the most calming and serene shade that looks absolutely gorgeous on every skin tone. Iconic celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner have donned this hair colour in the past and now it’s your turn! Though it looks calming, the process of getting it done isn’t the same. Pre-lightening your hair would be necessary if you are an unnatural shade. It’s highly recommended to do a strand test but we can assure you the glacial result is worth every penny!

Pro Styling Tip: Braiding your hair into a fishtail will make you look nothing less than a mermaid.

Minty Bite

If green is your favourite colour then get ready to jazz up your black locks by sporting some refreshing minty hues. This colour is the one that will put you in the spotlight and will make heads turn! Being a cool colour, mint green looks impeccable on people with cool undertones. It helps in brightening up your appearance. Ladies with warm undertones don’t worry, you aren’t losing out on this hair colour. All you need to do is try keeping the colour away from your face. Mint accents can help you achieve an alluring look. Though the look of the colour is impeccable, the hustle to keep it fresh is quite tiring. For starters, having well and evenly bleached hair is a must to maximize dye absorption. You will need to make sure of getting touch-ups done, so be ready to enjoy many salon visits.

Pro Styling Tip: Styling your hair in beachy waves is the best way to flaunt this hue.

Peachy Heads

All thanks to the anime culture, pastel peach has got enormous attention in the last few years. This shade fits perfectly in the summer hair dye collection as it’s so easy and breezy. One thing that puts it on the hot spot is that the outcome of this hue can be varied. If you have light blonde hair, you will be able to achieve a more pastel rose gold. If you have jet-black hair, you will end up with a darker orange shade. Therefore it’s quite necessary to make sure that your colourist is well informed to achieve the perfect blend of colour.

Pro Styling Tip: Straightening your hair with an inward curl on the ends will seal the deal!

These hair colours can look quite intimidating but experimenting is quite fun sometimes. Pick your favourite shade, keep your tones in check and gear up to make heads turn!


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