Skin Essentials For Winter

Winter is coming, so are the skin woes. Helping us out with this dilemma, Purnima Vasaikar presents a line-up of skincare essentials that needs to grace your vanity.

Imagine this, a cold breeze passing through your face and giving you the perfect hair flip moment. Sounds perfect right? Well, that’s not exactly what winter dreams are made of. Instead, the natural moisture from your skin flies away with the wind, what remains behind is dry and dull-looking skin. Revamping your skincare routine with certain essential products is the right step you can take this winter.


Lip care

As the winter locks in, chapped lips take the best friend spot. Exfoliation and lip balms help us in solving this dilemma. No matter what the time is, make sure you exfoliate your lips and remove the dead skin. Replenish the parched lips with hydrating lip masks and add color to your lips with tinted lip balms which are hydrating and stylish.


Swamp into water-based moisturizer

There might be times when your regular moisturizers will give up against the harsh winter effects. No matter what your skin type is, water-based moisturizers offer lightweight hydration without leaving a sticky residue behind.


Hyaluronic acid: The messiah of hydrating ingredients

Keeping your skin hydrated is all you need your skincare products to do. In order to keep this in check, every product you indulge in could consist of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a particularly moisturizing ingredient to look out for as it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water!


Skin Repair Serums

You can make the most out of your sleep with an overnight face mask or cream. Applying a hydrating night cream or balm all over your face and neck can be just the thing to help stave off dry, chapped skin during the winter season.


Luminous foundation, your best bet!

Winters bring in the party season and nailing party looks tops our to-do list. In such situations, the radiant finish foundation acts as a blessing in disguise. Since the dry winter weather can cause your skin to appear dull and lifeless, now is a great time to switch to a formula that’s a little more luminous.


Off the market, into the kitchen

If splurging on products is not your cup of tea but glowing skin is on your mind then head straight to your kitchen. You’ll easily find products lying in your kitchen which are naturally enriched with nourishing properties.


The perfect substitute for your lip balms is ghee. The moisturizing power embedded it in works quite well for chapped lips. Honey is another product that is used in a number of winter face packs. The viscous golden liquid’s ability moisturizes the skin effectively. Talking about restoring the skin’s softness, Malai does it quite well. It is rich in saturated fats like ghee, and hence, is good for deep moisturization of the skin cells, making your face skin look healthy, plump, soft and supple.


Next on the counter is olive oil and coconut oil. Olive oil can be used in combination with milk, honey or other natural ingredients to make a moisturizing face pack. The topical application of olive oil can leave your skin plump and lock in moisture during winters. Talking about coconut oil, it was, is and will be the go-to winter product for its moisturizing properties.


Beauty treatments

If you are a woman on the go and need a quick fix to battle these winter woes, booking a salon appointment and indulging in different treatments could be ideal for you.


Deep hydrating facials

Consider deep hydrating facials that help soften your skin and at the same time creates a protective barrier against environmental stressors. It is quite relaxing and effective for your skin.


Hot Stone Massage

This is the perfect deal breaker in terms of relaxing your body and mind. The hot stones improve circulation which helps ease up muscles so more oxygen gets to them, in turn helping to ease aches and pains. But mainly, it’s just nice to be warm in winter!

Body Wraps

Body wrap or a body mask enhances the skin’s appearance and texture. This helps to get rid of excess fluids and toxins. You can indulge in detox wraps, which help in removing toxins in the body or hydrating wrap, which provide moisture to your skin.


All in all, stock up on the products which will replenish your skin and will allow you to put your best face forward.

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