Take baby steps to make your salon Eco-friendly!

Eco-friendly Salon

LED the way in making the world better and greener.

It’s not a hidden fact that our environment is going through some major trials. At this very moment, we are facing some of the biggest environmental problems. All thanks to the things that we have done in bringing our worst nightmare to life. But we still have time to correct our mistakes and extend the lifespan of our planet, as there is no planet B.

With all the major sectors heading to the all-green route, beauty salons are no exception in filling the void. If you are a salon owner who wants to become an environmental-friendly salon, Purnima Vasaikar has got ways that won’t take a lot of your time or money but on the bigger side of the spectrum would help the environment.

LED the way!

Switch your incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED which will help in conserving energy at the optimum level. It’s the best way to start making your salon eco-friendly. LED light bulbs are a bit on the heavy on the pocket but they last longer so you’ll save money any which way. Also, a point that many miss out on is that it’s not just about changing the lights. It’s also about where you put them and how you use them. Using dimmer lights in the waiting room and the front desk is quite a beneficial choice. If your salon has access to natural light then there’s nothing better to ask for! With this, you can turn off your lights at day time or use only a minimum amount of light bulbs.


Go Green!

Nowadays, one of the things that attract your clients is your ambiance. An aesthetically delightful and Instagramable decor pleases every millennial’s heart. Why not use this opportunity to make your salon greener! Decorate your salon with beautiful and healthy beneficial plants like English Ivy, Azalea, Weeping Fig, Spider Plants, Dracaena Marginata. If you are an artifact lover, recyclable art decorations could be your top pick. And who doesn’t love some thrifting, reusing old finds from thrift and antique stores rather than new pieces can add the vintage touch to your salon. It’s economical for you and eco-friendly as well.


Think and Unload!

Every salon has a pile of towels that gets unloaded in the washer by every interval period. It seems quite a small thing but the amount of electricity being used is quite vast. What you need to do here is to make use of micro-fiber or bamboo towels. They increase absorbency which allows you to use fewer towels in a day. Another way is to wash the towels is by bulk. Instead of washing one or two towels at a time go for bulk.

Go ammonia and fragrance-free!

In today’s time, professional hair color and care brands are becoming ammonia-free. Even though ammonia is a potent ingredient in making the color last longer on the hair, the effect on your health is quite hazardous. By offering your clients ammonia-free hair color, you can keep their health in check. You might also be aware of shampoos and treatment which needs to be sulfate-free and paraben-free. But ever thought of products infused with volumes of fragrance? Synthetic fragrances are yet another pointer which needs to be chalked off from your salon.

Take these baby steps in becoming an environmentally friendly salon and be the leader in paving the path for a greener future.

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