Wave It Off!

Coming closer to your hair-do station, Kanika Mathur untwines different styles of beachy waves donned by A-listed celebrities, just for your locks!

 Gone are the days of pin-straight hair. Girls all over the world are now obsessing over perfectly tousled hair. Beachy waves are a new hair trend. They work perfectly on all hair types and hair lengths. Get them done in a salon or at home, get them right and flaunt your hair waves this summer.

There are many types of beach waves, some achieved with heat and styling, others achieved with no heat and have a less precise finishing, but the messy look is the cult favourite.

Lazy Girl Beachy Waves

The easiest one and your absolute go-to for any beach vacation is the lazy girl beach waves. Wrap your damp hair in a towel to form those loose waves.  Lightly air dry your hair. Once dry, twist random pieces of hair around your fingers. Spray your hair with a quality hair spray and let the waves flow!


 Old Hollywood Waves

Start by wrapping two-inch sections of hair in alternating directions around a one-and-a-half-inch curling rod. With every curl, roll the hair up to the scalp and clip it in place for 20 minutes to set the waves. Once it’s cool, gently brush out the hair with a boar-bristle brush.


 Loose Waves

Prep damp waves with a volumizing mousse before loosely blow-drying your hair. Near the bottom of the hair clamp your hair with rotation iron. Then use a quality hairspray and apply on the tip of your fingers and gently pass them through the ends of your clamped hair. Separate the curls to get loose beachy waves. Other styles of waves in the hair are tousled waves, messy waves, crimps, ombre waves and many more.

Wavy hair is easy to achieve but to let them stay that way and to get them right some products can assist you and bring out the beauty of those wavy tresses.


 Volumizing Mousse / Heat Protect Serum

This mousse will help in adding volume to your hair. It also helps protect your hair from the heat if you use styling tools. To avoid greasiness, apply the product slightly away from the roots and comb it through so it distributes evenly.



Sea Salt Spray

The humidity and salt content in the air near beaches gives your hair that

natural wavy look, but while you’re away from the beach, bring the saltiness to you. Use a salt spray and spray it on damp hair to create waves in those long or short hair lengths. Let it air dry to make it perfect.

 A Curling Wand

For a more precise wavy or curly look, some heat styling never hurts. To

get loose waves, use the curling iron and make larger rolls of your hair strands. To get tight waves, roll your hair strands tightly. Make sure you keep them uneven to get volume and texture in your hair.


Hair Spray

All that styling and hard work that goes into styling your hair to get those

amazing waves should lead to your waves staying the way they are made. Using hair spray locks in the hairstyle and lets it stay for a while. It completes your look and you can be carefree while going on with your day.

Waves add the element of style and volume to your hair.  It is undeniably the most versatile hairstyle that looks amazing on all hairstyles and lengths. Try on all its variants and know your style. Make your look effortless, and play with those bouncy tresses this summer.

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