Wedding Season Checklist

With the wedding season buzzing in, it’s time for beauty professionals to showcase their work of art and make the bride look like a sartorial dream. Helping you out in achieving your ends, Kanika Mathur dishes out a checklist befitting the clients’ needs.

Wedding season is here and it is only fitting that salons and makeup professionals get ready for the wedding rush. Brides to be coming in for their pre-bridal beauty treatments and definitely for makeup and bridal makeovers on their big day.

Here’s a checklist to help you get prepared for these few months so you do not disappoint any of your customers and miss out on business during this busy time.

The Bridal Menu

Salons or beauty parlors must plan and introduce a menu curated specifically for brides about three months before the wedding season begins. The pre-made packages will help the salons pitch their services better to the bride and her family on inquiry.

The Must-have services

With the primary prospect of getting the bride ready for her big day, the salon menu must include the main service of bridal hair and makeup. Up next are facial sittings. Having regular facials planned out a couple of months before her wedding day will help the bride achieve the desired glow. As hair is equally important for the bride to shine, you need to provide services like hair spa or keratin sittings. Getting treatments beforehand will definitely help improve the quality and the shine of her hair. Your menu needs to include manicure and pedicure as grooming your nails and cuticles go hand in hand with beauty treatments. Likewise, a package deal for the bride’s girls and family to get their makeup done is also essential.

Specialists onboard

A bride needs grooming from head to toe before her wedding day. Get special artists and technical experts on board with your salon to give your bride a complete package.



An expert on the skin will give the bride to be the best advice on the kind of skin she has if she needs to get any skin issues treated, her skin type and the kind of makeup that would be best for her.



This expert can give sound advice to your bride to be about shifting to healthy foods, drinks and making a change to her lifestyle that would reflect the best results on her body, skin, hair & health.


Nail Art Expert

While manicures groom you, a bride needs to stand out. Having a nail art expert on board will give your bride to choose her style of nail artwork that makes her look even more stunning on her big day.

Having artists and experts on board will give your salon the edge over other salons with brides who are looking to get more & more tasks ticked off their checklist in one place.

The Makeup Artist & Studio

It is quite essential to have the best makeup artist on board and quality makeup products at your salon for a bride’s makeup. Having a dedicated space for brides to get ready and get their makeup done is always a plus.

For the day of the wedding make sure your salon has:

  • A dedicated makeup artist
  • Clean and hygienic space for the bride’s makeup
  • Base makeup be it the foundation, concealer, corrector or setting powder, in multiple shades to mix and match and get the exact match to the bride’s skin tone.
  • Brushes of all kinds. Clean and ready to be used.
  • Lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes in various shades to match the bride’s dress and skin tone.
  • Setting spray
  • Hairstyling tools

Having all the things prepared in advance will make things easy for the bride and your staff. It will allow smooth functioning and will avoid any kind of delays and last-minute fuss.

If you are a Freelance Hair & Makeup Makeup Artist, here’s what you should be prepared for & with during the wedding season:

  • A calendar to keep track of your bookings
  • Stock up on makeup and keep your kit up to date with the products trending in the current times
  • Brushes of all types
  • Base Makeup right from the foundation, concealer, corrector and setting powder in multiple shades to mix and match and get an exact match to the bride’s skin tone.
  • Lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes in various shades to match the bride’s dress and skin tone.
  • Hairstyling tools

A good hair & makeup artist always arrive on time and prepared to get the makeup done of the bride and her many friends and relatives that may ask for a quick look at the last minute.

So here’s how beauty professionals can gear up for the wedding season. Enjoy, this is the time to showcase your skills and make many brides the happiest on their wedding day!

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