What Plays On Your In-Salon TV?

What Plays On Your In-Salon TV?

Salons are busy places. Clients’ walk-in day in and day out with appointments for hair & beauty treatments. Sometimes they have to wait in the reception area or patiently sit waiting for the hair color to settle in or the mask masks to dry off.


Having in-salon televisions can help you keep your clients entertained at every minute of their service. So, what is it that one must play in their in-salon television? Kanika Mathur dishes out a few ideas that will come in handy for you to create an entertaining and informative environment in your salon which will eventually be one of the driving force for your business.


Salon and its Latest Offerings

Your salon can create an interesting video with a message from its owner with information on when the salon was made and the quality of service it offers to its clients. Knowing where one has walked into and its roots in the industry help in building the confidence of the client within the brand.


Offers and Discounts

Clients spend money when they walk into a salon. If you have a promotion or offer, they can take advantage of it must be shown in the salon television. This will help build repeat visits and brand loyalty.


Client Testimonials

Visiting a salon is more about trust and quality than actually becoming beautiful. Client testimonials are a great way to build that trust and ensure your client is not going anywhere else for their hair & beauty treatments.


Time-Lapse Video Of Hair and Beauty Treatments

While waiting for your turn at the reception, your client can go through a quick video on the kind of haircuts that have happened in your salon. Through such videos, they can learn how beauty treatments are done and much more.


Salon Tour

Show off your salon on the in-salon television videos. It is neat, hygienic and well maintained, then why not show your clients each part of it.



A client while sitting patiently and waiting for their hair color to set in or the steaming after a hair spa is happening, they can take a look at tutorials on easy hairstyles for all types of hair on the in-salon television.


Trends and Updates

Through your in-salon TV let your clients be informed on what’s happening in the salon industry, new trends of beauty and hair and updates on your salon.


Undoubtedly, in-salon television is a great way of keeping your clients entertained whilst keeping them well-informed about the new treatments. So, what’s going play on your salon television, next?

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