Winter Makeup Palette, Decoded!

While winter may not seem to be colorful, there is no reason that makeup stays the same. Battling the winter blues, Kanika Mathur serves us with a color palette which will make you look eclectic and ready for winters.

Winters can be light or deep, gloomy or dry. It is all about dressing the part and making a statement in your unique chic style. As the leaves from the trees start to fall and the wind picks a chill it’s time to change your makeup game.

Make a Statement With Bold Lips

From the deep burgundy to bold red, the season of winter is the best time to wear these shades uninhibited. The dark notes of these lip shades take away the need for other makeup on the face and in themselves are enough to give that pop of colour needed on a chilly winter day.

The go-to colors for lip shades this winter are red, burgundy, mahogany, plum & soft mauve. They go with all skin tones and pair well with the black & grey clothing you may choose during this season. These shades are already the talk of the town, from the runways to social media, as the weather outside is taking a turn, so is the palette of lip colours.

Smokey Eyes, Say It All

As Quinn Murphy says, “The smoky eye is a classic makeup look that exudes power, confidence, and mystery”, we can see the comeback of this winter makeup trend. Using those deep dark notes of grey and charcoal and building a smokey eye with a dash of black kohl lining is all set to give that shimmery eye a run for its money.

For eyes that define confidence and beauty, change your palette from the neon and summer fun colours to the dark and rich hues of brown, emerald green, midnight blue & black shades. With these shades at hand, the classic matte and velvety smokey eye look will be your go-to look.

That Pink Flush On Your Cheeks

Braving the winter, give your cheeks that rosy blush. Tania Lobo, a makeup artist & social media influencer says “Pink and reddish creme blushes are going to be your glowy bffs this winter because of how naturally they’ll add that flush to your skin!” Clearly, the pink flush on the cheeks is the go-to for your makeup needs as it adds warmth to the skin that we miss when it’s cold out there.

Be The Glowing Diva

The skin usually gets dry and dull during winter. This weather is notoriously famous to suck up the moisture from your skin making it look lifeless and in need of some care. The key is to keep it moisturized and hydrated but the effect is enhanced by adding some highlight to your foundation and liberally using that bronzer to create an impact and illusion of visibly hydrated and healthy skin.

Use warm shades of gold and bronze highlighters to get that perfectly glowing skin. The look is created by applying these bronzers on the cheeks and along the perimeter of the forehead, tip of the nose, and high points of the cheek.

The Drama On Your Eyes

Inspired by the very bold and flashy eye looks created during the fashion weeks and runways of Fall/Winter 2019, the trends point out towards eyeliners & mascaras that have a sense of drama to them.

Our expert Tania Lobo says, “Dig into pastel liners, electric blue mascara if you want to bring out your eccentric but cool demeanour.” The colors of eyeliner range from soft black to teal, aubergine and blue perfectly compliment the drama created with fluffy lashes that are sometimes highlighted with mascaras of various colors to bring out personality or to break the monotony. Pair this with a nude or pink lip and winters may not seem as dreary as they might feel.

Take up that chic classic style of makeup and be prepared to brave the lower temperatures while looking your prettiest best. Winter makeup may feel like a challenge to many, but with a slight change in your palette, you are all set to be the ruling the makeup game in all its glory.

Some pastels, some darker tonner of rich dark colours and bold lips will sail you through those cold months and look forward to spring when you’re ready to play with colours all over again!

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